About us

Unique cosmetics on the base of Latvian mud

LatCosmetics – producer of unique eco-cosmetics in Latvia. Natural mud (peloids) and blue clay are used in the production of cosmetics.

LACO – cosmetics on the base of natural mud for application in home conditions. Moisturizing, purifying and nourishing cosmetics for face and body, hand and feet, hair and scalp care, anti-cellulite cosmetics and scrubs.

Baltic Peloid – professional SPA cosmetics for specialists and physiotherapists, as well as natural sapropel and blue clay. Intended for therapeutic and preventive treatments under guidance of specialists and physiotherapists.

Lye – cosmetics for daily use: shampoos, shower gels, scrubs, bath bombs, soap and other cosmetics. The composition of these cosmetics includes active ingredients, which have been used for centuries: salt, soda, ash, mummy, clay, sapropel (prototype – mud of the Nile) and other agents used by ancient people.